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    Welcome to the first session of Writing for Moms. Thank you all for your great personal introductions and for your bravery in writing and posting your first writing st...
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    It has been years since my father passed away from cancer. Mourning him was difficult. What helped me through the grieving process was keeping a journal where I wrote...
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  • Wow, what a story your mother has! You should write her story for her ;0) I think a lot of our mothers were raised to keep things to themselves. I, however, was raised...


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    Hi Chantal. Thank you for your message. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have not checked my account on here for a few months. For me, a spiritual pat...


  • @Vivienne - I think there is a book featuring a collection either bad book reviews or rejection letters that either the author received or that other writers have rece...
  • Barbara-- I wish we had "like" buttons on comments! Jana--Sounds like you have a lot to dig into and pull out and that writing may be therapeutic for you. All the best to you. I agree. Both are definitely worth talking about. 
  • Writing my first novel was absolutely therapeutic for me. I had not consciously planned it to be, but one character, in particular, ended up with nearly the same child...