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    ...everything supportive for you. As far as security concern, then you will never face any kind of problem with the Lipo Light LED because it is totally safe for the human. You shoul...
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  • I totally agree with you. We’re writing fiction, not historical textbooks.
  • ...vel, but it's really about life. The book's been selling well, getting great reviews on Amazon, and even got a good review from Kirkus, which totally blew my mind. My backgrou...


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    ...and lead to better results.” Consider some of the tips below: Headlines and CTAs. Keep them short and sweet. Although having a headline isn’t totally necessary (yes, sometimes ima...
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    I have been on the most rewarding ride of my life. I thought I was on a totally different path until the pandemic. I was moving toward what I thought was my destiny. I now realize I ended up confirming it.
  • ...eing published by SheWrites in 2021, and I was wondering if you would consider reading my book and writing a blurb for me. If you are too busy, I totally understand, but I thought I'd...


  • Love your article. I am a "reciprocity" person. I enjoy giving and also receiving. This is what your article states as mutuality in the relationship and I totally agree.
  • Totally love your advice on finishing: “Finish your story. Finish your poem. Finish, finish, finish. And then do it all over again,” she said.
  • Fantastic interview! I found myself totally agreeing as I was reading about networking and supporting other women writers. It's so very important to create a community and network of...