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    Meg, what's your experience with the timeframe from acceptance to book with a traditional publisher? Are we still talking 18 months or more, or have you noticed any sh...
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    What are the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing? Where d...ions during Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing, a discussion hosted and moderated by Elizabeth Stark Power...
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    I've never pitched a story to Gourmet or Bon Appetit (or the millions of other mags out there that have some food/drink coverage), but I hope to one day. What do I need to know?
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  • Jill G. Hall posted a status
    10 Tips to Creating Your Author Wardrobe Several years ago, when my first novel, The Black Velvet Coat was released I had purchased the perfect dress for my launch...
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    I’m excited to join this dynamic community. I’m a newbie fiction wroter about to release my first book in October. It doesn’t fit into any traditional genre, so I have absolutely no expectations, but hope for the best.
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    Not your traditional "astronaut" food:


  • Great article. I recently shed the last vestige of my traditional publishing past (25 years with major houses): I parted from my agent. For the last six years I have w...
  • Provocative. There's got to be a hybrid model in the future as I heard some folks at YouTube, Facebook and the head of Stanford Journalism School discuss. Citizen journalism +platforming...
  • I've actually done both traditional and self-publishing and I like the latter far better, so now all I do is self-publish, because it gives me total control. One of th...