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  • Started by Deborah Siegel
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    Hi bloggers, My blog, Girl w/Pen ("bridging feminist research and popular reality") is almost 3 years old, is part of a well-established feminist network, and has a p...
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  • Started by Shari Cohen
    Many writers are asking the questions: how can I continue to do the work I love in a new environment, one in which so many of the rules have changed? How might I need...
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  • Started by Elaine Harrigan
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    This is becoming a big issue with me lately--I've been asked by 3 really great websites I respect (all national) to either allow my posts to be republished (I own the...
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  • Holly Holt posted a status
    Over the last few years, I have experienced profound internal shifts - some as a result of life situations; some as a result of personal choices. How do I explain it?...


  • Thank you so much from this! I am going through a similar phase of transition and rediscovery, and I also feel like this is finally freeing my voice. Your story is great encouragement. Thank you.
  • I think I am up-to-date again! Here is the newest She Writes Twitter List **Please note if you gave 2 twitter handles I only added 1, if I chose incorrectly please let...
  • Congratulations! I just published my first book last year (though I only worked on it three and a half years, not twelve), so I have some idea what you're going throug...