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  • I can't believe this thread started two years ago. I read my thoughts at that time, and time has made a fool out of me. Since then, I spent a year at a community colle...
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    Novel Marketing Ideas by Marcia Fine I'm open to all suggestions other than gun shops and shooting ranges. And, don't tell my mother about the crazy tights I'm wearin...
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  • Started by Kari O\'Driscoll
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    Dear ________________,   This book is not about abortion. It is also not about adoption or child-rearing. It is not pro-life or pro-choice, but it does tell the storie...
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  • The Quintessential User in “I Care A Lot” On Netflix RileyRose Author McKesson Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, play...


  • This is hilarious! I've always thought about doing the cellulite treatments, but after three days I decide wearing pants again all summer beats the hell out of obsessively lotioning.
  • Oh boy, do I relate to this sense of being naked in front of the world. I didn't sleep for several days after a New York Times health piece that profiled my 10 year lo...