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  • ...x, and is after His Girl – Shana. Roman or anyone else who happens to be in his direct line of fire has to go. All he cares about is his eventual triumph – in revenge. The only proble...
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    ...famine. The young nobleman is an artist and wants the lonely habitat to fulfill his dreams of being an artist.             The 1879 novel “Love’s Triumph” came from reading a biograph...
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    Triumph| Praise Tell us two things: 1. your latest accomplishment 2. to whom you give credit
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  • ...dicine Buddha/Medicine Mind about the healing power of Visualization Meditation, and my memoir, My Impossible Life, basically a tragedy turned to triumph story meant to inspire and en...
  • A triumph. The post. The memoir. The survival. The journey. You. Congratulations, Kelley.
  • ...nce laughs and nods, leading me to believe I've gotten through. But then, at the book signing, invariably I am called Brenda and asked about "my “triumph,”  my “loss,” my “romances.”...