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    Hi Mother Writers-- I wanted to tell you about my webinar coming up on October 1 called “Becoming a Writing Coach/Consultant” It is for all you accomplished writers wi...
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  • I started this because sometimes, you uncover an amazing novel a few years after its publication. Though it isn't hot off the presses, it becomes a must-read or a pers...
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  • I do have a link to share: this is the Eventbrite page with ticket info and a description of the agenda   The reason why I thought folks over here would be interested...


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    rivka schiller posted a status
    Al Jaffee: MAD Magazine’s All-Around “Mentsh” with Much “Tam” About a year ago at this time, I interviewed two recently emerged and international musical performers...
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    Anne Hosansky posted a status
    I'm the author of the memoir "Widow's Walk" and four additional books. Dozens of my stories and articles have been published in the US,Canada,England and Israel. My blog is punningly titled In my other life I was an actor. For more,see my website
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    YOU BETTER STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT This phrase has been playing on repeat in my mind the last couple days. Where did it come from? It feels like it’s coming from...


  • I started a thread on Facebook for animal related assistance (and others) please feel free to use the links there to donate or post any additional animal aid sources. Japan Animal Quake Victim Assistance
  • It's a scandal.  A woman I know paid her publisher thousands of dollars  to attend an...laic writing for the sake of constant amusement. They will use the traditional model to obtain a quality product...
  • Hi there!  What a relief to receive this in my e-mail inbox today, after my own struggles as a rape survivor, and one who has faced the negativity that comes with goin...