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    What if I uncover who I am?  
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    I'm excited to announce that my debut science fiction/fantasy mix novel will be released on Feb 19, 2013. Here's the cover, blurb and link to the Goodreads page for it...
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  • Hi All! Here is the cover for my Paranormal/Spiritual Romance called Without Fear of Falling. It's my first novel and it has just been published!  Twenty-two-year-old...


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    YOU BETTER STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT This phrase has been playing on repeat in my mind the last couple days. Where did it come from? It feels like it’s coming from...


  • Hi, Laura! Thank you for taking a look and for feedback. Here is my pitch. Have at it! :D Warm Regards, Don   Sixteen-year-old Joel Scrivener has two choices: continue...
  • Karen, I go through ebbs and flow in my journaling too, but as I work through some "stuff"-- both personally and in my writing-- I'm finding the free flow of writing,...
  • Anne, thanks for the stunning, gutsy story about the long struggle so far. It reminded me of my "7 years of famine" - writing diligently resulting in a pile of manuscr...