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  • Started by Migdalia Torres
    Hello everyone! My name is Migdalia Torres and I am a New Indie Author. I am writing a YA Novel Titled The Dairy of Camp Better Place Station. I would like to...
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  • Fat Assassins is the title.  Here's an excerpt from my query letter, so you'll have context.   Fat Assassins is a completed 90,000 word mainstream fiction set in Nitro...
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    What are your goals for your work in the New Year and what support are you looking for from this group?   I''ll start off: For my audio publishing company, a sales rep...
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  • Bernadette Geyer posted a status
    My online workshop - Writing about Place - starts on Feb. 26th! Space is still available.
  • Mia Baxter posted a status
    Hi everyone. I am very new to putting my work out there and I'm looking for feedback but most importantly people I can communicate with and learn from.
  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    With some trepidation, I'm asking for feedback on my newly designed (by me) website using a GoDaddy template. There were restrictions to the design, but I did me best. Please take a look, check the links, and comment below yea or nay. Many thanks.


  • Thanks so much for taking a look and for your positive feedback! I'd love to take a look at some of your favorite book trailers since I am always in click-through to the inspiration matrix....!
  • I’ve just read all the comments here with my hands shaking and my stomach churning the...held about my mother and my own origins since childhood. Hmm, yup, whiny brat mode achieved… but seriously, I th...
  • Writing for publication, and then trying to sell what you've written certainly are certainly difficult, uncertain, and ego-shredding activities! Best of luck to you!...