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  • I can be a bit obsessive, but ok, going to return to vacation mode! But maybe after I check out your blog! :)
  • Oh how funny--you're on vacation and you're doing all this research! No wonder your hu...s platform. :) Now shut off your computer and go out there and get in VACATION mode!!
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    If you're pondering making a move to Myrtle Beach, you might consider that condo lifes...rtle Beach condo market has taken off in recent years, adding new condos and remodeling existing condos to meet t...
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  • Kristen Houghton posted a reply
    Chantal, sorry for the delay. I was away on vacation. Keep writing and don't stop because eventually it will all come together. You don't need to keep trying for the B...
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    There's no better rest than a vacation on your own and alone. With a book or just listening music. Sometimes one time could mean more than monthes
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    Author Linda Bradley's #FoodFic Guest Spot includes a recipe!


  • Great advice, Elisabeth! Text sounds different on your ear than it does as you read si...uld read her work out loud at some point, and certainly while in late revision mode.
  • I’ve just read all the comments here with my hands shaking and my stomach churning the...held about my mother and my own origins since childhood. Hmm, yup, whiny brat mode achieved… but seriously, I th...
  • Wonderful essay!  I don't mind those 'on-the-spot' conversations.  Mama raised me to b...ay be completely different once I actually sell a book.  I could go into panic mode. But then... that's what the...