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  • Six Vegetables to Have in Italy, or Elsewhere, This Spring  at  Or why I stopped eating Italian fish.
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    Dogs are man's best friends and they make the best pets and companions. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs die because of poor nutrition. A lot of dog owners don't know what...
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  • Agree. My favorite recent memoir, "Gimme Shelter" by Mary Elizabeth Williams, wove the author's life into a hot-button issue of the day, so her riveting personal story...


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    52 ancestors, week #1 The theme for week one of 52 ancestors in 52 weeks is Foundations. I decided to write about my maternal grandfather this week because his line i...


  • When we moved out of the country, we sold the house we had lived in for over 40 years, with its 40 year old organic garden. We had grown vegetables, herbs, vines trees...
  • Thank you for sharing your heartaches and triumphs in writing and in life in such a short piece.  Your questioning of why the audience carried fruit and vegetables to an opera concert was humourous.
  • For steaming vegetables and bowling water, they're great, but for making big batches of soup they're a little small. Now that I think of it, I could use a new pot :)