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    ...On the left side of “Apply Coupon,” enter SheWrites3-8-2016 in the “Coupon Code” box.   Finally, click “Proceed to Checkout.”  Once your email is verified, you’ll see the “Order Receiv...
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  • I saw this.  Terrible!  The good news is that Amazon supposedly deletes reviews without verified purchase.  I doubt this person is supporting us.  The bad news is that it takes a while for this to happen.  What an angry individual. 
  • Annette, I checked the rules before contacting Amazon, and there is 1 exception to the rule if a certain category called "Amazon Verified Purchase" is checked and the review isn't of a...


  • I have a question completely unrelated to this article but when I try to write an article it says my account is not verified? How do I verify my account and write an article?
  • ...reason is not because I don't like e-readers. If I'm interested in the book, I buy the tree version instead so the review shows up on Amazon as a verified purchase.  But I don't always...
  • Thanks for this helpful advice. Mary L. Holden makes a good point as well--verified by people I've edited who've asked experts in their field to endorse their books.