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  • suggestions and feedback because I want to get it published. I know there are millions like me who can relate to my writing. And I want abuse victims to know that they are not cra...
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    ...the support and friends you will need to write about this difficult subject "RAPE", which is still a taboo in our Society. It's time for all the victims to a unit and tells everyone...
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  • Started by Migdalia Torres
    ...ictim. Be sure to check for your Name and see if you too were assigned a brand New RV Camping Trailer, which will soon be the next Trailer of the victims blood! THE D...
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    ...rooted human emotions that are locked away in our psyche. Dangerous men or women have often been a good persons downfall. Are these people merely victims? Or are they just drawn to th...


  • Be careful not to demonize childhood trauma either. I learned in writing my current book about domestic violence that abusive partners are not victims of childhood abuse but they are eager to use it as an excuse.
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    ...ars ago, only when I confronted it did it finally go away. I wrote this book for me. But now, I find, that I've written it for all domestic abuse victims. I hope they have a chance to...
  • ...ublic; I feel I need to share. This year 85 under aged girls have been victims of the sex slave industry. Th...e. Although these young girls have been recovered there are still more victims walking the street everyday....