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  • Hi Jan, Great point about what makes a great author! Of course there are so many fantastic authors on this site. I should have said great stories. Those that can captu...
  • I think that is SO cool that y'all are making it a family thing. Who needs video games!?!
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    Hack Mod Cheats Glitch Scavenger     Creators Peter Skogvold Scavenger...i relly like the game. but being a casual gammer i woud relly like a slower mode. its perfeckt for you get gut...
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    Video games
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  • Great list! Thanks so much for sharing, Terri. As for getting people, especially young folks, interested in reading for pleasure, any and all efforts are appreciated....
  • I love reading, unless I'm too tired to keep my eyes open - and then it's a toss up between reading and sleep.  I think it's the ability to use your imagination and pu...
  • Love it. A good purging. I was just schooling my teenager who woke up with a Gameboy in his hand (not kidding) on how much video games eats up his waking moments. Face...