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  • ” I loved the book, mostly because it is filled with writing exercises inspired by sp...remember
 them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing. How do we learn t...
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    I have been inspired by the two links members posted below in the comments. I read the...creative endeavors, and this helps me see why. So what do you think? In which mode do you feel most creative? Do...
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  • Glad to hear it helped, Jeanne. Keep us posted on your success, won't you? L. Jeanne Bannon said:Thank you Lauren - what wonderful advice. I just love what you've sai...


  • christie nelson posted a status
    The Keys to the Kingdom Finding Place in Historical Fiction When your eyes glaze ov...ronze mythical animals are situated above the entry way. Julia Morgan’s 1937 remodel of the façade and gold lobby...
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    Feeling inspired by the MOOC from Iowa. Love it!
  • Elizabeth Kelch posted a message for Elane Johnson
    Hi Prof. Johnson, You have inspired me and I'm making a go of this writing thing. Thanks


  • Wonderful essay!  I don't mind those 'on-the-spot' conversations.  Mama raised me to b...ay be completely different once I actually sell a book.  I could go into panic mode. But then... that's what the...
  • What a wonderful idea, Deborah. I would also like to acknowledge the woman who introdu...s Literature at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. When I am in self-doubt mode, I still go back and read Dap...
  • So you are tired! Like we all are, did you read the pice on Bloomberg yesterday, the new drug that is supposed to be making women, like us who are tired, more horny, b...