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    Hi. What are people's experiences with blog tours? If positive, can anyone recommend a virtual book tour company? I've just published my YA novel, After Isaac, and doi...
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  • I write for the Chicago Moms Blog. Today and tomorrow, our 10 sister sites are hosting a virtual town hall meeting about healthcare. This is the link to my post on the topic, but fish around — there are lots of interesting points of view.


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    Hi everyone, this evening I'm having a "virtual" launch party for my latest novel (Bridges) on Facebook! Here's the invitation-- please stop by if you can. We'll have game...
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    This is a really amazing possibility and you should count it! Do texts really help? Web pages and social media platforms should be filled with the appropriate informat...
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    Are You Ready to Become an ‘Authorpreneur’in the New Year? A new year, new projects to complete and just maybe one of your new projects is publishing your own books...


  • Congratulations on the great publicity you have gotten for Substitute Me so far. And I echo Debbie's comment about the wisdom of your pre-craziness retreat. Have you h...
  • Great post, Betsy!! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully you'll inspire me to plunge a little deeper into these virtual waters!
  • Great point of view, Brooke! Perhaps writers have more control over their 'platforms and publishing' than ever before but they also have less support from traditional...