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  • ...sentences make sense, but who don't usually give notes on the story itself). I know someone terrific in Los Angeles, who may be willing to work virtually if you're not in LA, but be a...
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    ...t, having no contacts in America or a track record there in films, that the prospect of selling my script to agents there, on its completion, is virtually zero. I believe I have a gem...
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  • Hi Sharon- nice to virtually meet you!


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    Hope your week is going well. Great on this end after a very “filling” holiday. Managed eight miles yesterday, and it was NOT pretty. Snored like a bear last night – not “romantic,” but feeling lighter. Lace up, mask up, and join me virtually.
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    ...between stretches and twists, to be honest. Have a date again with Judge Judy treadie, and my music at 3pm today. Have a great day, and join me virtually. Cassandra
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    ...ernoon. Will be slow, but sure: my adoptive New Years resolution for 2021. Slow, but sure! Enjoy your weekend. Lace up, mask up, and join me "virtually" for the 8-mile walk this af...


  • ...uch more kind and instructive than the one you received, but the disappointment and self-doubt were no less difficult. The rejection rendered me virtually immobile for weeks. Oh, I wro...
  • ...eart crashes against the shoals of reality when she finds herself 30something, single, broke, and directionless. She finds an object that grants virtually limitless freedom -- which do...
  • ...e too. All that said, while I know I wasn't always, or ever the bell of this ball, I saw this potential from the start. Aside from being able to virtually connect with like-minded 'thi...