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    One of the most fascinating advancements in the world of radiopharmaceutical
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  • Today's Saturday Short looks at the trailer for 'Seed: The Untold Story', which examines how and why we have lost 94% of our seed varieties in the last century.
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    Alrighty, ladies, here's my first attempt at a proposal. Yikes, this is completely foreign to me. With the research I've done, this is what I've come up with. A bit of...
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  • In August in Vermont we are overwhelmed with lettuce in many tangy varieties, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, garlic, basil, yellow squash, new potatoes, and the ever-abun...


  • I love books - the sound of paper, the feel of a binding, especially a leather one, the varieties of typefaces.  All of the above.  But my cup  [or my bookshelves] run...
  • I've come to realize that I really am a vampire junkie. I'm currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, as well as catching up on some YA vampire stuff on my Kin...
  • Kevin Camp commented on her article Dry Drunk, Part 2
    There are Canada/American South parallels for sure. Another way we are similar is in the inferiority complex. Southerners feel that we're treated as uneducated redneck...