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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...ething simple in terms of style that can be worn up or down. This will make this kind of attire a comfortable one that can turn to be an everyday wardrobe piece. A great option migh...
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  • Started by Lisa Thomson
    10 must have spring fashion pieces to update a goddess wardrobe. What I bought to add to my spring wardrobe and what I'm editing out.
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  • Started by Angela
    Hello!  The Written Wardrobe seeks your style stories for the blog. We publish one piece a month on a highly-read blog platform. Full submission details here: https:...
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  • Jill G. Hall posted a status
    ...y, I’m creating my book event wardrobe way ahead of time. I’ve devel...Tips for Creating your Author Wardrobe: 1. Go through your closet...he most important part of our wardrobes and it’s free and low mainte...he most important part of our wardrobes and it’s free and low mainte...


  • How well I remember shopping for my "author wardrobe" when Wild Women, Wild Voices was due to be released. Thank you Jill, for your expert consultation. I felt like a wild woman in those great outfits we found... and felt like I embodied her at my presentations.
  • I'd to think this post was a wardrobe malfunction; something that went terribly amiss!
  • ...words "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens ran 28k "Animal Farm" by Orwell ran 29k "Of Mice and Men" by Steinbeck ran 30k "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis ran 36k "Fahre...