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  • Hey, All.... I often frequent a site called "Heron Dance" by an artist whose watercolor paintings of nature I find particularly inspiring for my poetry; visual inspira...
  • Wonderful images!  Yaaaaah!   I love watercolor pencils, and I do use them, probably more than regular pencils if I am traveling. I need to image a page from my journal to share!  Many Thanks!
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    Do you draw in your journals?   When you are traveling or all the time?  How does drawing/making art add to your writing experience?   Do you like watercolor or marker...
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  • A big, obnoxious, ear-shattering shout out for Lisa Rivero. She has given me such a new appreciation for ordinary writing. She created a group on SheWrites just recent...
  • Another friend now creates watercolor postcards. I can't really explain or describe how wonderful they are, but they are wonderful, and so personal, and so her.