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  • I just finished line edits, so I am in editing mode.  I spruced it up a bit (I think).  But, since you know the whole story, you will know if a word is not quite right....  Anyway, hope it h...
  • Nina .. your input is great:) I fully realize the difference between an ebook and a published book ... I am not even offering an ebook:) I am offering people a voice ....
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    I'm working on a story for my undergrad senior honor's project, parts of which I intend to use for MFA applications.   I sent the first few chapters of my work in to m...
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    #FoodFicFriday Not all the meals in the series are appetizing, unless you’re a zombie. Sink your teeth into this survival horror epic:


  • What inspires me to change is the dadgum mirror. If it's weight or attitude or hair that has taken on a mind of its' own...there it is inplain site 1 foot above the ba...
  • Have you read SHE MATTERS by Susannah Sonnenberg? I'm reading it now and would get my proverbial eye teeth to get a blurb from her...but she's not answered my inquiries. I don't matter (could not resist that). The book is terrific.
  • This morning I found myself reading the gospel of John 6:6-16.  The gospel where Jesus walks on water.  I found myself realizing how I am not always able to rely and c...