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    In this competitive era where companies are looking to gain customers by all means, having a good website is an important part of the process. You can get a business...
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  • £486 on marketing? 2% of total budget?!!! Gosh, if that's true, I'd love to know what tricks they pull!!! Makes me think : what do THEY classify as marketing? It's a g...
  • Elizabeth - You're marvelous. I'm going to enjoy your blog now... Elizabeth Patch said:Hi Creative Ladies! Some geeky-girl advice (my day gig includes teaching web de...


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    Mia Hansford posted a message for Yanka Erimtan
    Dear Yanka, I do not know if you will remember me from Parsons School of Design but I wanted to find you and found you here. I live in the south, in Tennessee. Your...
  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    With some trepidation, I'm asking for feedback on my newly designed (by me) website using a GoDaddy template. There were restrictions to the design, but I did me best. Please take a look, check the links, and comment below yea or nay. Many thanks.
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    Emily Burton is a freelance writer interested in healthy living, family life and interior design. She graduated from college with an interior design degree, working as...


  • Martin, would you care to elaborate on your experience with self publishing? Like any business venture, what you bring to the table, helps you succeed. Marketing isn't...
  • Henry Sene Yee, another book designer, blogs about how he makes choices for and revises book jacket design. It's fascinating because he shows the designs he discarded.
  • IT WORKED! I know how to fire and slump the pieces from Amanda's show. Now all I have to do is design them so they are hollow rounds/squares. Maybe I won't have to rewrite the book after all.