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  • You'll need a domain name. Unfortunately, is taken.,, are all available. Or you can pick something...
  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    When investing in a fatality server, many factors exist, and creating the optimal system for your needs is not an easy feat. The first step is to select the best serve...
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  • Started by LaTonya
    A group of women have taken on the task of hosting a challenge that examines and celebrates women in literature and non-fiction. There are 3 levels of participation. T...
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  • Chantal Walvoord posted a status
    Hosting the fabulous Parris Afton Bonds who will lead a writing program at Rockwall County Library.
  • Ginny Wiehardt posted a status
    Comics, puppetry, poetry! Join @MuthaMagazine and @PenParentis for a House of Lit Party, Governor's Island, July 8. I'll be hosting a children's poetry workshop, so please stop by especially between 1:00 and 2:30:
  • Donna M. Kshir posted a status
    Advocates United for Humanity (AU4H) is hosting a fundraiser, People Helping People, to provide free community outreach programs to children. Last year, AU4H hosted Ho...


  • Hi Meghan, I love social media platforms, if it were up to me I'd be doing my own web hosting, I like to communicate to people, but the question becomes communicate ab...
  • I love hosting guest bloggers-- love the fresh perspective and it gives me a break. 
  • Olga-- well now, you're a great example of knocking, right? I am looking forward to hosting you on my blog and wouldn't have known about your book if you hadn't put out a request. Now THAT takes courage. Keep knocking and writing. A book--wow-- talk about seizing an opportunity.