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    My niece has asked me to choose a poem to read at her wedding. I've been reading through my favorite poetry books for days, and have yet to come up with just the right thing. Any suggestions?
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  • I have been out of town and now I'm back and ready to attack this beast again! I can't believe that you would take the time to help me with your wonderful critique. Th...
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    Hi everyone. I'd like your input on what seems like the one millionth version of my query letter. Positive and helpful criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Aidan...
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    Two Book Giveaway and Interview with Romance Author Charissa Stastny Book Giveaway Feb 19 - 26: A Romance, Package Deal from the Ruled Our Romances series. In t...
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    Part 4: Women Are Not Rehabilitation Centers for Broken Men I’ve heard many Black Men profess, “I want a ride or die.” What exactly does this mean? Well, the origin...
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    This week's #FoodFic offering - The Wedding Reject Table - is packed full of delicious food because the plot centers around a British cake decorator!


  • Oh Paulette you've done it again. I laughed, I cried. (At the moment I'm smiling.) I'm getting ready to upload to CreateSpace, as we speak. I had to overcome a sudden...
  • My gut is to agree with you 100% regarding Deen, and the telling moment for me was the plantation wedding.   It is also true that my mom has friends who are in their 8...
  • I appreciated this post as well as all of the comments. Checked out your blog as well. One of these days I will get around to doing what so many are recommending. Glad to hear a wedding is an acceptable distraction from daily writing. Maybe after my wedding . . .