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  • Started by Monica Egan
    Hi again all, I posted yesterday to say hi and introduce myself, however I forgot to add my url (I put it in the New Members section only). Anyhow, it is Hope to see you there. Happy Writing All, Mon
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  • Started by Monica Egan
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    Hello fellow writers and bloggers, So nice to meet you all. I have just joined SheWrites this weekend and am so glad I found it! I write a motivational (mostly) blog a...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    All of us have our body insecurity. For some of us, we are too skinny, while for some of us, we feel we are too fat or just fat. While we are all beautiful in our uniq...
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  • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
    Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit of my own story. Why do I write? I believe that moments of pain can be redeemed, that in the right hands they...
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    AndrewSaw posted a status - lose weight fast
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    Hi Jane, I read your Jan.2018 post on WoNoWriMo about looking for an accountability group. I didn't see a reponse to your post, did you find a group? I'd be intereste...


  • Kelley, you capture so well the healing that writing through loss can be---along with... One Bowl, dealing with that loss.  [
  • Hi Kamy, delightful post and apart from the exciting news (chapeau for SWP, for you and Brooke!!) I am with you as a vacation indulger of the premier order! I took the...
  • Deborah, I cried constantly from the first time I heard the news through Obama's speec...s. But when it's people I know personally and love deeply, I kick into 'brave' mode and remain solid as a rock, a...