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    Back in August, Paula Kamen posted a discussion on writing about "Invisible Disablility". Now that time has passed I am surprised to see how many chronic illnesses cre...
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  • My parents are in their 80's but they are likely to be horribly embarrassed by some "family secrets," even though those "secrets" aren't anything awful or criminal or...
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    Today at the "Oil and Water" blog and just in time for Martin Luther King Day is Melanie's post about two Civil Rights heroines whose stories deserve to be widespread.
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  • @Lynne: You have a lot of valuable points, and I do and always will support research into inequalities, whether sex-based, gender-based, age-based, or something else....
  • Oh my gosh, these stories are fascinating! I knew this was a widespread phenomenon but hearing the specifics of your stories (135 Perfectly Seasoned Recipes instead of "Salt and Pepper, A Love Story"?) is so fascinating and helpful.  And @Caroline you are so right about "Beautiful."  Enough of that!
  • It's a perception I find problematic for a lot of reasons, but it's a widespread perception.