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  • Books that will stick with me ... I am sure I'll forget all the important ones if I do this in freewriting mode, but here goes: 1. Bitten (K...
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    This is taken from a post I wrote in April, before I joined SheWrites.   Why do we choose to follow Blog X, and not follow Blog Y? Here's my personal take. from K...
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  • Started by April Katko
                As I dug into the story it all began to make sense. Who am I you ask? I am Private Investigator Peter Paul. “Jimmy what makes you that you don’t belong in...
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    I LOVE THIS FANTASY SERIES written by Author Serena Clarke. I can surely say this is my favorite fantasy romance series. The story in each book is exceptional. There i...
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    Author Hazel Edwards makes up new fusion food in her latest book. Ever tried Gozleme Vietnamese style? #foodfic


  • I so wish I would have read this blog post or the article before I just purchased his book "Wit...
  • I'm not a published writer yet.  Genre fiction is a cold place for women, with the long held belief that only boys read fantasy/scifi/horror.  It's not as prestigious...
  • ps. Not calling my mother a witch, I was quoting your quote from Ms. Prose.