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  • While browsing around at the Strand a while ago, I found a book (two, actually) called "A History of Modern Poetry" by David Perkins. The first book is "From the 1890s to the High Modernist Mode" and the second is...
  • Charity North Carolina 36 What I write: Science fantasy novels. I love looking at the way the two can work together. I have written a few flash fiction pieces. One was...
  • My blog is called 'Bree Guildford Erotica', it can be found at (probably worth mentioning it is NSFW)


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    #FoodFic about Thomas Bladen, a spy worth his salt:
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    When asked about the inspiration for my novel, I answer simply: “I love libraries.” Libraries of all shapes and sizes; new libraries and old libraries; libraries here,...
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    Everyone has gifts and talents worth expressing.


  • Great advice, Elisabeth! Text sounds different on your ear than it does as you read si...uld read her work out loud at some point, and certainly while in late revision mode.
  • I don't have a "little" computer, just my PC. I have a Kindle Fire on a shelf right beside my desk that is still in the box. It was a give-away when I signed up for Ch...
  • Catherine Hiller: Thanks for your comment. I consider the writing teacher's ability to offer suggestions for improvement as part of her toolbox, though I didn't say so, and it’s certainly worth mentioning! Thanks for clarifying that essential trait!