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  • Louella Bryant posted a status
  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    Nice article in the Addison Independent about my newly released historical novel Beside the Long River. https://www.addisonindependent.com/2022/01/13/puritan-badass-sparks-a-lincoln-authors-imagination/
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    52 ancestors, week #1 The theme for week one of 52 ancestors in 52 weeks is Foundations. I decided to write about my maternal grandfather this week because his line is the one that hooked me on genealogy research. I never met my maternal grandfather. As a child, everything I knew about him was contained in a spring-loaded 5x12 inch black leather case. The hard case was kept in the cupboard next to the fridge. I thought of it as a sort of shrine. I was allowed to look, but I couldn’t take anything out. Blue velvet lined the interior and cradled dental instruments. My grandfather was a dentist. He lived and practiced in San Francisco where my mother was born. During the depression, he often found vegetables or other goods on his back porch in payment for his services. He was widowed when Mom was a girl of seven. That was the extent of my knowledge. Richmond John Tormey (1884-1951) is where my genealogy journey begins. My mother’s half-sisters had lots of information on Mom’s mother’s side, but Mom was Richmond Tormey’s only child. If I wanted to know anything about his side of the family, I would have to discover it for myself. When I was in my twenties, Mom developed an interest in researching her family tree and sent for her father’s birth certificate. That’s when I discovered he was born in Arizona Territory. This made no sense as much of Mom’s family centered around San Francisco. I tucked that information away until I caught the genealogy bug upon my retirement. Richmond John Tormey was the son of Irish immigrant Peter Tormey and California-born Ida May Pearson. He was named after Ida May’s father, Richmond C. Pearson. Early life 1884-1900 Richmond J Tormey was born in Tucson, Arizona Territory on 29 April, 1884. His parents came to Tucson to expand Richmond C. Pearson’s saloon business. As far as I can tell, Peter met Ida May when he was working in Pearson’s saloon on Main St in Los Angeles, California. They married in 1879 and by 1881 were living in Tucson where Richmond’s older brother Bernard (Ben) was born. Peter Tormey ran the Fashion Saloon Restaurant at 24 Court Square. Because Richmond Tormey was a child, I tracked his whereabouts through his father (Peter Tormey) using voter registers, city directories, and census records. Between 1886 and 1896 the family seems to have bounced back and forth between Los Angeles and San Francisco, possibly related to the family business--saloons. In 1898 the family moves to San Joaquin County to manage Jackson Baths, a mineral spa and resort. They stay for two years then move back to San Francisco in 1900. 1900-1930 The next 20 years are a bit of a mystery. The 1910 census confirms Richmond was living with family. By this time his parents had divorced and mother remarried. The 1910 census shows him living with his brother-in-law Abe Barnwell in San Bruno, but he also appears to be living with his youngest sister Ella, mother, and her new husband in San Francisco. In both entries his occupation is listed as upholsterer. I suspect that the 1906 earthquake displaced many family members from the City, and he may have been in a state of flux. San Francisco Directories of 1914-1917 list Richmond’s profession as ‘mattressmaker’ address 1112 Ellis. This was the boarding house of Mary Elizabeth Schlessinger nee Hawthorne who later became his wife. Richmond’s WWI draft card dated 12 Sept 1918 lists his occupation as student and next of kin Mary Elizabeth Tormey (my grandmother). They were married sometime between his birthday, 29 April, 1918 and his enlistment, 12 Sept 1918 (age 34). Mary Elizabeth had two girls from a previous marriage. She was widowed when the youngest was an infant. I’ve seen photographs of Richmond Tormey in uniform but I don’t have any information regarding his military service. The 1920 census lists his occupation as dentist. Apparently, the Hawthorne family didn’t like the idea of their daughter marrying a lowly upholsterer, so they urged him to become a doctor and may have even helped financially! Dr. Tormey’s dental practice was in the prestigious Flood Building in San Francisco. He lived at 1112 Ellis and later moved to fashionable Borica Street where my mother spent the first seven years of her life. Dr. Tormey’s daughter Marjorie was born 7 June 1924. 1931 1931 was a tragic year for Richmond Tormey. On 31 August his beloved father Peter, died. He had been living in an old age home. Later that year on Thanksgiving day, Richmond’s auto was hit by a drunk driver. His wife sustained fatal injuries and died on 2 December 1931. His wife and father are buried in the same plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, California. After his wife’s death, Richmond left his daughter in the care of his brother James while he recovered from his wife’s death. He was said to have had a nervous breakdown and I seem to remember hearing that he lived briefly in Southern California but have not yet found any documentation to confirm.
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    Hi. Just checking to see if you are getting this message. If so, I think we should post some our your articles on shewrites.
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    Your burning questions about my forthcoming novel Beside the Long River are answered on a new blog post: https://louellabryant.wordpress.com/2021/11/04/readers-ask-about-my-new-release-beside-the-long-river/
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    Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving by Samuel Sanders Featured by Yahoo!, Advertising Week, Thrive Global, Booklist Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Market Watch and multiple affiliates of CBS, Fox, and NBC and awarded BlueInk Review Notable Book Seal and IndieReader Approved Designation, this non-fiction business and self-help creativity guide encourages innovation in aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Have you ever looked at a product and thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ or, ‘I’m just not a creative person!’ Improve problem-solving skills and increase the effectiveness of knowledge management in your organization to come up with the next game-changing idea to hit the market! In this book you will: * Learn how others innovate by examining the world around them * Practice asking questions, and see how to recognize details in observations * Complete creative exercises to get into the right mindset * Understand the importance of sharing ideas, and assess their feasibility Fueling You to Find: Your Next Big Idea Are you ready? Click the purchase button above to get started. Book review for Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders is a must-read for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business-minded people alike. An essential resource for anyone wanting to expand their mind-set, especially if they wish to start a new business or come up with the next best-selling product; this guide will launch them towards their goals from start to finish. An actionable plan that anyone can follow is laid out in simple (and often fun) steps, to show you the way to come up with ideas, and then follow all the way through to making those ideas happen. Samuel Sanders has started multiple set-up companies and his advice comes from years of experience. His unique perspective on creating ideas has been tried and tested and proven to work. He takes us on a journey, giving us the techniques to master the art of idea creation and the skills to propel us forward with them. The first section is about empowering people to think outside-the-box and to not only get creative with their ideas, but also to be able to churn out 100s of ideas a week. I found the mind-games fun and informative and saw their value in broadening a person’s preconceptions and maneuvering us beyond the status quo. The end chapter tasks are an important part of the teaching and I found them stimulating and refreshing. In addition to coming up with new ideas, the author leads you into the next steps. What do you do once you have an idea? How do you execute your plan? For every budding entrepreneur this essential guide provides all of the answers and is simply a must-have book to be read, studied and used to help create new ideas and then steer you in the right direction with them. Your Next Big Idea is a great addition to the self-help guides of the business world. Samuel Sanders has produced a pioneering tool that will challenge your thinking and put you on the best-foot-forward to creating that new business. This guide is creative, educational and inspirational, it will help you become more innovative, get great ideas and make better decisions. I personally got so inspired that I could not put this book down and began thinking of my own new ideas. Your Next Big Idea is a brilliant, valuable and motivating book!! Chick Lit Café endorses and highly recommends Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders with a special mention for an extraordinary book cover!! This is a must read book!!! Grab your copy today!! Buy Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving by Samuel Sanders today!! https://amzn.to/35WkkuM
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    I write historical fiction for adults and teens. My book, THE PORTRAITIST, is coming out with She Writes Press in Fall, 2022. I'm also an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach.
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    My historical romance "Hidden Secrets" (Short story) is FREE on Amazon this week (May 31-June 4) Download your copy now!!! https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Secrets.../dp/B094PWKMQ7 **Kindly leave a review if you enjoyed the book**
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    When we act opposite to the wisdom within, we may think we are failures. When we take on the teacher-learner approach to life, we are not failures, but students. Students learn. https://timikaschambers.com/2021/04/27/a-different-view/ Make this lifetime great!
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    Hi I have been on she writes for many years and am requesting that you and your followers will subscribe to my you tube channel elaine taylorbrown thank you. I need 1000 subscribers.
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    I love supporting and encouraging other writers in the writing process.
  • The Quintessential User in “I Care A Lot” On Netflix RileyRose Author McKesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D40uHmTSPew Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, plays Marla Grayson. Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, plays Marla Grayson, in “I Care A Lot,” who heads up a biting, bouncy cat-and-mouse thriller about a cold con artist who, determined to be rich at all costs, abuses the elderly, essentially forcing the most vulnerable to be her legal wards so she can rob them of everything and confine them to nursing homes. Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, plays Marla Grayson, in “I Care A Lot,” who heads up a biting, bouncy cat-and-mouse thriller about a cold con artist who, determined to be rich at all costs, abuses the elderly, essentially forcing the most vulnerable to be her legal wards so she can rob them of everything and confine them to nursing homes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lkCCo63nhM It’s a wholly ugly story… And Pike plays the hero, ostensibly, in I Care A Lot: a swampy satire-noir out to reward the most black-hearted and cruel. It’s a wholly ugly story, but it all lands very well because of a mirthful tone and dark humor. Buried behind this devilish tale is the idea that mass wealth can only be achieved immorally and that those willing to shed their empathy (while faking it in public) will rise, but mostly this is a fun, grim pissing contest punctuated by fine performances and an off-kilter electronic score. As the malicious Marla Grayson, who feels profoundly honorable while exploiting and torturing the elderly, Pike presents us with a villain in plain sight; one who doesn’t have to dodge the raindrops because our society’s already given her a giant umbrella. As the leader of a network of inhuman thieves, Marla is someone you want to see fall, and fall hard — her and her entire network of poachers. The article first appeared on RileyRoseMcKesson.com and continues here… Riley Rose (Author) McKesson is an author of superhero Vela Kurv books. She is also a professional writer and producer that is currently working on a film project with Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer of NCIS TV series, as well as the Producer of Red Tails (2012), which he produced with George Lucas and (LucasFilms). Rose co-produced the documentary project, ‘The Green Girl’. It revealed the story of the life of Susan Oliver in the award winning move. It was funded on both crowdfunding websites: Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. The film has won three awards. Rose has written treatments, story synopses, and analyses. Rose has produced several short films for Sundance Film Festival. She has also worked with the Webby Award Winning web series creator of BZ Shorts. Sign up for Riley Rose McKesson’s newsletter here (http://www.rileyrosemckesson.com/) and get the updates on what’s premiering in Hollywood. Entertainment News, Dianne Wiest, female superhero, female superheroes, Golden Globe Winner, I Care A Lot, Netflix, Peter Dinklage, rileyroseauthor, Rosamund Pike, Supergirl, superhero, superheroes, velakurvbooks, wonder woman Riley Rose McKesson https://rileyrosemckesson.com/blog-access-for-riley-rose-author/
  • The Quintessential User in “I Care A Lot” On Netflix
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    Happy spring, authors! What are your current writing goals?

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