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    Over the last few years, I have experienced profound internal shifts - some as a result of life situations; some as a result of personal choices. How do I explain it? I feel NEW. This has made me realize something: The second half of life of life is WAY cooler than anyone tells you. My own experience has made me deeply curious about how other women are navigating the transition into the second half of their lives. Since July 2016, I have been speaking with women (between the ages of 35 & still alive), and the honesty and generosity with which they have shared their stories has left me speechless every time. I call this project 101 Core Conversations. 101 Core Conversations is just that - a conversation...with a particular focus on how women experience the inevitable transitions of life, internal and external. It is a deeply personal project for me. I am searching for patterns, clues, and, most importantly, stories. Will you share yours? Visit my website at www.hollyholt.com to sign-up for a free (meaning I will ask nothing of you after our talk) 30-minute conversation via phone or Skype. I have time in June and July 2017. Wow, it would be amazing to be done with Phase 1 by the end of July! If you have questions, please email me at Holly AT hollyholt DOT com. Thank you in advance, dear writing friend.

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