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    My new fiction novel “End of Endurance” is officially available on Amazon (Kindle edition and paperback edition) The novel delves into Zoe’s emotional ride through the murky waters of a wretched marriage. It follows Zoe's journey from a naïve newly-wed girl with fairy tale dreams, to a life imploded with domestic abuse, including not just physical, verbal and financial abuse, but also sexual abuse - and finally the freedom from the insidious torment. As you read through the stages of her relationship, you will share the rollercoaster of emotions that cast her into a state of existential crisis. Zoe does not ever seem to play the victim, even when she is one. Zoe’s story is brave and full of hope. "End to Endurance" is a moving exploration of a pervasive situation in which you can't seem to find your way out of the quagmire, even when you are aware that the situation is not a good one. Undeniably, most of the chapters will take you on a bone-chilling journey, complete with emotional conflict and replete with descriptive story-telling, without being preachy. The novel delivers a social message using a story. If Zoe can endure all she has been through and still stand, then the question has to be, “what’s your excuse?”

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