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    After 25 years in Corporate America, I left to be part of an important solution, something always important to me. Sexism and racism were causes since childhood. Health then became a top priority at 39, as I was giving birth to my daughter. My mother had died of stomach cancer at 39, and I was taking many medications due to my stomach disorders. I was determined to give the best gift I could give my daughter which was a healthy mom. Losing my wonderful loving mother at age 11 was devastating to me and my family. So helping others achieve Optimal Health as I did, getting off all medications by focusing on healthy nutrition, a healthy weight and healthy emotions, have also become my passion. Now I'm a Licensed HeartMath Coach and Certified Health Coach moving to the beach this year, as the ocean and coast are where I belong. Looking so forward to my future, writing books seaside, supporting others to optimal health and being part of the solution for gender equality and greater peace in the world.

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