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    An astute Learning & Development professional with 14+ years of rich corporate experience, Rachana Arya has worked with top of the line organizations like Marriott International, Accenture, Heritage Retreat Hotels, Wipro and J P Morgan Chase were she was heading Training & Quality verticals. Since 2011, she has been actively working to inspire a quiet revolution in the lives of singe women who "hold up half the sky." She has conducted several awareness workshops at grass root level at Bassi which is a sub-division of Jaipur district in the state of Rajasthan. Findings of surveys and interactions with locals indicated that widows were unaware that there is pension available from the Government should their spouse die. Also, if they were aware, they did not know how to avail the benefit. She also conducted an independent surveys in a slum inhabited by underprivileged people, adjoining Nirman Nagar where widows had not received pensions since a years and were struggling to bring up their children alone. Eventually, drawing on her activist past, she founded YANA (You are not alone) around one simple idea: you may be single, but you are not alone. YANA is an initiative of YANA Education and Social Welfare Society. It is a self-supportive, outreach organisation that works for empowerment of single women. A support group called YANA has been incorporated and has commenced operations for the urban women of Jaipur to create a collaborative space for women to identify their common concerns and to address their collective needs. This will be the first holistic redressal centre for issues faced by single women. Tie ups have been done with Jana Pragati Centre (CSR wing of Janalaxmi Financial Services) to impart skills training and livelihoods to single women. Currently the Jaipur Chairperson for Single Women in All Ladies League, she seeks to give voice to the trials and tribulations of single women in society. She has authored her debut novel ‘End of Endurance’ which provides a profound insight into an emotionally abusive marital relationship. It is memoir of being completely engulfed in a situation that you can't seem to find your way out of, even when you are aware that the situation is not a good one, helps bring light to the topic of why people often find themselves continuously drawn to negative situations. She stands tall with her rich background as an honours graduate from Delhi University, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Green Belt in Six Sigma Certification.

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