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    I just would like to know what gives people the right to treat you like you aren't an actual human being. People actually walk around like their shit does not stink and I don't really understand why. To go in depth I have this guy that I truly like and when we first started to hit it off our vibe was everything. We liked the same stuff and we could talk about any and everything and then drama came my way, which I've had a lot of these past couple of months. This time is a little different because even though I like this guy I don't feel like his past from his ex should interfere with our relationship and it has only been a few months but we have already had multiple problems as if we are in a five year relationship or better yet married. A young woman like myself that doesn't have everything together and is still finding who she truly is should not have to add on more stress because of someone that I am allowing to be in my life and to enjoy my energy. For someone to actually try to tear you down because they are not happy in life is blowing my mind and I am just trying to live my life as much as possible. In other news I am taking life day by day and I am slowly coming into my own happiness which is great but it is definitely a process.

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