• Irene Kessler posted a message for Lauren de Bussac
    Hi Lauren, My name is Irene Kessler and I am in almost exactly the same place. I am just finishing a novel and have already started the memoir and it's turning out to be what I don't want. Let's stay in touch or maybe find others and form a group. Let me know.
  • Lauren de Bussac posted a reply
    Hi Irene, thank you for reaching out and connecting with me! I would love to stay in touch! Finding others and starting a group sounds good to me too! Do you mind if I ask you what your memoir is about? What I've been finding challenging in writing mine is that I'm finding it difficult to recall emotional memories from my past. And usually, I end up just distracting myself with other things, like doing the laundry or cleaning up my house, instead of sitting down to write! Can you relate to this at all?

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