• Carol J Paquette posted a message for Betty Hafner
    Hi Betty! My name is Carol Paquette, also an author. I wanted to tell you that I just finished your memoir, "Not Exactly Love." Wow! I started it Friday and just finished it today, Sunday. I couldn't put it down! I ditched raking leaves, doing laundry and making dinner tonight so I could finish it! I really enjoyed your writing and was so sad that you went through so many years of unhappiness. You did a superb way of describing your life without sounding like such a victim. I found myself lifted when you were happy and down when you were getting abused by your husband. I hope you have found happiness. I look forward to reading these articles you've written on this site! Thank you for writing your story! Take care, Carol Paquette
  • Betty Hafner posted a reply
    Hi, Carol...I'm just now seeing your message. Thanks so much for your kind words. It's so wonderful hearing reactions from readers, especially those who are also writers. I hope you're enjoying your writing. If you haven't already done it, it is such a gift to an author if you leave a short review on Amazon or B&N or Goodreads. People tell me they often read my book because of something a reader said in a review. Thanks again, though, for just taking the time to write to me.
  • Carol J Paquette posted a reply
    Hi Betty - just logged into SHE WRITES and saw your message. Yes, I will hop on now and write a review on Amazon! I gave you five stars on Goodreads when I finished your story on my Kindle. Since writing to you, I have self-published my own book named THE BOOK OF BOYS (JUST FOR GIRLS). I've made some sales and am also encouraging people to write reviews. You will see mine for your book soon. Take care and keep writing! Carol Paquette

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