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    I’m Slappy aka Gina aka Bitchy McSlappywine (on Twitter and Periscope). I’m a former pharma crazy, mother of 5 “grown” kids, wife of a firefighter, classy drinker of boxed wine (with a straw and ice in a Mason jar), future lottery winner (if I buy a ticket) and self proclaimed self help guru. The name Slappy in the Face actually came from an online group. I’ve always referred to My Story as the slap in the face I needed to turn my life around and even had another blog with the name aslapintheface. People in the group started calling me Slappy …. and ta da! here we are. I used to write my blog with more of a slant towards parenting with some of my experiences with medications and life learnings mixed in. Now that the kids are all grown, moved out and (mostly) responsible (sort of) adults, the focus of this blog is going to transform. It will be more about me (my favorite subject), tips for being the best you you can be, my opinions and experiences with mental health issues and how to find peace and passion in your life. I was prescribed several medications I never actually “needed”, because of stress, that changed my personality and seriously hurt other people. It took a jail cell for me to realize I was crazy and ruining lives. My goal is to prevent what happened to me from happening to other stressed out people. There are other options. I try to help others live a life of meaning that isn’t a frantic mess.

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