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    In Arising, Prophecy of Hope Book 1a single choice has left the entire world in chaos. Sgarrwrath comes bringing his Void into a world that has known only Light. The Time of the Prophecy has arrived. Now, all must choose a side. An epic revelation begins and no one will be left unscathed not even the mighty Guardians who have long protected all life. Lives bound in Prophecy A world oppressed and on the brink There is only one choice for all: Absolute Surrender or Despair and Die “Sarah Kennedy’s Arising is the ambitious follow up to her prequel Sgarrwrath in the high fantasy Prophecy of Hope series. In the vein of Tolkien, Kennedy transports us to a world of myth and magic, threatened by ultimate evil. A supernatural darkness consumes the land, corrupting all it touches. Behind it is Sgarrwrath, a primordial being bent on thwarting the prophecy of the rise of the messianic King Mhorag… Kennedy’s plotting is intricate, her characters believable. She draws readily from mythological archetypes, weaving them into a compelling epic story…Arising is relentless in its themes of light and dark, good and evil…” Blue Ink Review

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