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    Dear friends and fans, teachers and colleagues, fellow writers & students of the art, My new book of essays, More About This, was scheduled to release February 15, with announcements and a bit of celebration. But the pandemic came and that was no longer appropriate. The book did release, and the paperback is available from all the usual places online and brick and mortar bookstores. Shipping is slower now, and my beloved bookstores are all closed. This made me so sad. So I decided to take charge, and do it myself. First I tried to make an e-book that could be sold as a download. Three different apps failed frustratingly. So I decided to make a nice PDF file and give it away, to some of my friends and fellow writers. Just put it out there. After all, why do we write? If not to share whatever we have, whatever we've been given? Authors, like musicians, rarely make a living from what we do anyway. In both callings, rock stars are few and far between. Brilliantly talented people sing and play in small cafés and bars, but we love them even more for that. You are welcome to read and/or download the entire book, 88 pages, for free at this link. It can be read on tablets, phones, and laptops. Go to http://www.darkhorsepress.com/sampler-more.html scroll to the bottom, to “Pandemic Adjustment” and click the link to open the PDF, to read or download. No strings attached, though I would welcome and appreciate your feedback: impressions, resonances, questions, shared feelings or experiences. Thank you! Reply to: [email protected] – Victoria C.

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