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    Daily Talk Johnathan: Hi Sealy great day out in the park. I thought it would be much cooler but I can accept this. Sealy: It sure is. I am super excited to be out. Jim is excited. Johnathan: what do you say we take a walk together and sit on the bench further down so we could chit chat. Sealy: I would love it! And I am sure Jim wouldn’t mind. Jim has been in the family for a long time. Taking walks with him is a pleasure. Woof. Johnathan: Let’s go, Jim is eager. Sealy immediately get moving as Johnathan followed suit laughing and talking as they reached to the nearby bench. Sealy: It is so beautiful here. So Johnathan tell me, what are your thoughts on the community with all the changes happening? Jonathan: Well, I believe the changes are necessary for the parks, schools and housing, those are big issues. Sealy: I am sure there will be a resolve as we get closer to the summer months when traveling begin to boom. Johnathan: I take it we can only wait. Anyway, what about your mom and her medical issues. I hear she is coming along. Sealy: Yes, small world. She is coming along just fine and hopefully begin some of her activities. It would be great! So much is going on and these walks in the park with Jim certainly makes it better. Johnathan: What about me? Laughter Sealy: Of course and you. Smiles. It certainly makes all the difference. Let’s go grab some ice cream. Johnathan: And Jim? Laughter. We will take him too. On the drive to the ice cream shop, Sealy an Johnathan was a bit silent as they thought about their time in the park. Johnathan: When can we do this again? Sealy: Ah, as in not hearing Johnathan question as she reminisce about the park and the beautiful weather that allowed her to enjoy it. We can do it again at your convenience. Johnathan: Well, here we are. What’s your favorite ice cream? Let’s get in there and find out. Sealy: I may have a new favorite. Laughter. The two with Jim purchased their favorite ice cream and sat down in a quiet corner and enjoyed ice cream together. Sometimes meeting up at the park can make those crisp days enjoyable. Having good company is a great way to experience. Sealy and Johnathan live in separate houses in the same community. Let’s see what will happen when they finish their ice cream and go in their separate directions.

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