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    My Kind of Guy By Paddy Bostock This is a wonderful contemporary comedy with a twist of romance and fantasy. I love the story on so many levels. It is also poignant in places as it sadly describes the political realm of the United States and its disastrous leadership now. Not too many people are happy with the way the US is being led and how democratic systems that were prized and cherished are now under attack. It can be hard to listen to a leader who has so much that is opposed to some of the leading historical principles that have been the foundational blocks of democracy. One of the most wonderful aspects of this story is that Paddy Bostock provides a humorous rendition of this story line about contemporary political strife. I’m sure many readers will appreciate this. This story is about Lizzie Leah who wants to locate her lost lover, Leo McGuire. So, she enlists Mervyn Vincent, an ex-spy to look for him. However, in the process, Mervyn discovers that Leo is in an international right-wing cartel. As he is unravelling the identity of this man, including the fact that Leon Devine is his real name, he discovers that there is a lot more to this man than initially expected. He decides to get his sister Taya on board so that they can reform this man and channel his abilities in more commendable ways. This is a story that will make the reader reflect on the US political system from an international standpoint. It is a book that lightens up the terrible plight in the United States. And given how US politics is going right now, this is a very timely story. Thank you, Paddy for another great book. I can’t wait to read your next book. Rating: 5 stars Reviewed By: Irene S. Roth

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