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    The Farm By George Benda This is an eye-opening and powerful exploration of practical wisdom at a time when we need this book more than anything else for our survival. We are in the midst of a crisis in America, one that cannot be expunged unless we start to take back our common sense and start thinking rationally about how we can live practically in this world with all its problems. Can practical wisdom, happiness, and a good life be found in today’s world of terrorism and existential threats of all kinds? Can we find a way to be more reasonable and exhibit practical wisdom in a world that almost celebrates mass ignorance? I find these questions fascinating and crucially important at a time when our world is on the brink of extinction. Will we wake up in time to keep our civil liberties and our modern life as we knew it intact? The Farm is set during the second global energy crisis with all of its upheaval and tragedies. It juxtaposes Jack’s energy career and his pursuit of an idyllic life in an age where that seems like a distant memory. Russian spies and US counter terrorism teams put Jack and everyone on edge. Ben and his wife Rebecca explore a path to practical wisdom in the nuclear age. Learning from their jobs and marriage, they discover some key criteria to happiness and a good life. It all hinges on the importance of developing practical wisdom. Practical wisdom is the ability for people to develop on good decision making skills and actions so that they can make a good life. Once we create the good life, happiness will follow. But the key problem is how can we develop practical wisdom in our extremely complicated and dangerous world, a world that doesn’t really care about practical wisdom? As a philosopher I find these questions intriguing and mind-boggling at the same time. I find myself wondering and worrying about where our world is headed. George Benda gives us many clues to the questions of practical wisdom and how to bring it about. Its not easy to live the good life and therefore there is no definitive path of wisdom. However, it is necessary for each of us to start to live a good life in our own way, one that is filled with practical wisdom through good decision making and acting in a way that is respectful of others before its too late. This thriller is for everyone who is worried about the state of our modern world and is ready to take practical wisdom seriously. I believe it is not merely important to entertain practical wisdom but to actually take concrete steps every day to bring it about in our work life and home. Thank you for such a thought-provoking book, George Benda! I can’t wait to read your next book! Irene Roth

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