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    I’m excited to share that my new poetry collection is now available! This book took me a lifetime to write and I am so happy it found a home with JackLeg Press. FIXED STAR interrogates what it means to be caught between two identities intersected by multiple landscapes, politics, class systems, and the personal sense of being both drawn and cut-off from one's roots. I’ve included advance praise from two of my poetry heroes, Eduardo C. Corral and Diane Seuss. I hope you will consider buying it, requesting it from your library, reviewing it, posting about it on social media, teaching it in your classes, and inviting me to talk about it and read from it. It’s available for preorder at these sites: BookShop | Barnes & Noble | Amazon Thank you for the support! With Gratitude, Suzanne Advance Praise: In Suzanne Frischkorn’s intoxicating Fixed Star, content and form mirror and echo each other, twin and twine. From the opening line in the first of a sequence of sonnets that generates the book’s architecture, "Birth cleaved me in half,” we learn that the subject is separation, from first language, landscape, and heritage, a loss, a violence, a thievery carried by and negotiated within the body, which becomes, itself, a translation. So what, then, can poetry be? In Frischkorn’s hands, it is— well—everything. It is the cry and the answering cry, the body’s disappearance and revolution, history and tangled myth and the site of self-creation, honoring the fragments while languaging them into something greater, more songful than a whole. Much of the book’s authority emerges from Frischkorn’s formal virtuosity. And then there are the voices she braids into the poems. Transtromer and Plath. Keats and John Cage. Shakespeare and Olga Guillot. They are lyric companions on a perilous road…Fixed Star cannot be reduced to anything but itself. I am in genuine awe. ─Diane Seuss, author of frank: sonnets Elegant, clear-eyed, and restless, Suzanne Frischkorn’s poems seek and illuminate the frayed hyphens fastening us to family, to the world. Her searching is psychologically rich, transformative: an iridescent interiority spirals outward to touch what sustains it, what divides it. Structurally brilliant, alive with lyrical thinking and observations, Fixed Star is ample proof of Frischkorn’s poetic gifts. In her hands, language is light. ─Eduardo C. Corral, author of Guillotine

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