Wait a While Baby Jesus, We're Not Ready Yet
Written by
I\'land Gyal
December 2015
Written by
I\'land Gyal
December 2015

Tomorrow is Christmas day and I may need just a little more time baby Jesus! Mary, can you hold those contractions please! How did I get into this funk? Not only did I JUST purchase our family Christmas tree last week, but the windows and screens must be cleaned before putting up the beautiful new curtains I’ve purchased online. I’m scared to look up at the ceiling fans, and the rugs are all packed up for a trip to the laundromat. Did I mention that my Christmas shopping is not complete and I still have to shop for the yummy stuff to make my famous casserole for the family gathering tomorrow?

 I can honestly say, this island mom is behind of the eight ball and there’s no telling if I will conquer today. I have so many items on my list of things to do (including writing a new blog entry), achieving my daily water intake goal and being sweet and attentive to my two girls. But there’s so much about being alive, here and now. And the reflections of Christmas past that have shaped who I am as a woman and mother. At the end of the day, it is not just about a clean house, but the memories that you create for your children to look back and feel proud, happy and loved. 

This time of year is not only the Christmas season, but Carnival on my island. People are frolicking and enjoying the company of those who have made the pilgrimage across the Atlantic and surrounding islands to be here. The food, the music, the colors and events and gatherings…all my motivation to get my chores out of the way. My childhood memories of Christmas eve are filled with my mammy boiling some leaf, fruit or bark to make homemade juices such as sorrel or ginger beer. I remember the aromas of Windex ™, Lestoil ™, pineapple tart and gooseberry stews; paired with the scent of brand new sheet sets, curtains and rugs. The scratchy sound of the record player whistling country Christmas and calypso gospel melodies was sweet. When I was really little, the kind Arab entrepreneur would ride around the island in his van selling every household necessity you could imagine. He would roll right up in your yard, swing open up the back doors and it looked like a little Walmart on wheels. Comforter sets, toys, shoes, clothing-you name it, he had it.

 There was also Joe the fish man who would blow his horn throughout the neighborhood letting all know there was FRESH fish for sale, straight out of the sea. You hardly had to go anywhere, the businesses came to you. 

Today, there are still neighborhoods where the bakery or “bread” van blares the horn canvasing houses for hungry bread feigns. That’s another thing, island people, we LOVE bread. But more than that, we love to feed the masses, to fill the bellies of people we know and others we don’t. That’s what I remember, huge pots on the stove simmering, food infused with love and well wishes. 

So as I embark on my epic journey to get my house together with less than twenty-four hours to spare, I am mindful of those children who have no food or shelter today. I will say a prayer for those people in the blistering winter with no heat, and others who long to visit their island home this year but cannot. I am also praying for those who are sad remembering a loved one who has passed on. You see, a clean house is nice, but there just has to be MORE about this season after all is said and done.

 Lastly, I will be mindful today that my seven-year old has elected on her own to believe that Santa Clause exists and will be riding in via donkey. One day we will have that chat, but as for right now, I will let her enjoy the fantasy that I once was allowed to create. We will jam to Christmas classics from near and far and search for a recipe on Pinterest to make magic with in the kitchen. We will clean and make lasting memories together. My hopes are that these gems of mine will grow up and remember smelling Fabuloso ™ multi-purpose cleaner, Bath and Body Works ™ Mahogany Teak wallflower plug-in and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven around Christmas time.

Thefore, whether you're ready or not, Christmas day is coming and will be gone just as fast. How did the day meet you and how will it LEAVE you feeling? Do the very best you can today and when all is said and done, let your heart and mind be in the right place. Enjoy your family and do someting special for someone in need.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours!

I'Land Gyal (c) 2015



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