My Middle Grade Novel Is Now Out In Stores
Written by
Danica Davidson
April 2015
Written by
Danica Davidson
April 2015

I'm a writer for MTV, and my debut children's novel, Escape from the Overworld, is out now and available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Walmart and other places. It's a Minecraft adventure novel ages 7-12 (but if you're older or not into Minecraft, you can still enjoy it). A Minecraft character named Stevie discovers a portal into our world, where he befriends a bullied sixth grade girl named Maison. The two worlds collide as they deal with real issues like bullying, but then zombies also make their way out of the portal!

The book is being included in anti-bullying, girl-empowerment curriculum around the nation and there's a nice writeup about it in the current issue of Sci-Fi Magazine.I'd love to find opportunities to spread the word and do interviews for various websites. Thank you for your time!

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