4 Ways to Handle Arguments at Work: Advice for the Boss
Written by
regina barreca
October 2013
Written by
regina barreca
October 2013

Is "conflict resolution" an oxymoron? How does a true leader best handle conflict at work?

The world tells us that people in positions of leadership must facilitate "conflict resolution" within their communities; this leads to the kinds of successes we've seen throughout the world (insert bitter laughter here).

If you have two staff members who are belittling, sniping, or undermining each other, fraying the social fabric at work so entirely that the work environment is torn to shreds, you can't exactly send them to the corner for a nap or give them a time-out. That's called "firing" somebody and it usually involves lawyers.

So what's a leader to do?

Read the rest over at Psychology Today!

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