Oh Writer's Voice - Why Don't You ...?
Written by
Terry Gibson
September 2012
Written by
Terry Gibson
September 2012

Since I was introduced to the juicy writing prompts Laura Davis posts weekly on The Writer’s Journey website, I’m in writing prompt heaven. They stir up my creative juices, as they did again today.

Describe what writing practice is to you.

My first inclination?  To scribble down “torture.”

Because there are times it feels like that. Stepping on a nail.  Painful. Rusty. Bloody.

After I took a breath, I approached it as a writing practice. Once I started, I let my keyboard sing, not stopping or editing,  and came up with the following.

“Yanking freshly washed sheets out of a full basket. Grabbing hold of each, revelling in the crisp snapping sound as I am shaking them out, laughing at the stray sock that lay hidden within, letting the wind lap at will, as I pin each to the clothes line. For as long as it takes, I leave them there for the elements to do with as they please. If it gets cold overnight, I laugh again, pulling them down, loving the tiny bits of crystallized ice dotting them–for they are frozen solid and like grand sparkling capes, I have to bend around me to wear, cavorting about the kitchen, having great fun in the process.”

What do you think? Not perfect by any means but much more interesting than “torture.”

Oh Writer’s Voice, why don’t you STAY? Just a little bit longer.

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