A Friend and A Cuppa ~
Written by
Nancy Thompson
June 2012
Written by
Nancy Thompson
June 2012


My most recent blog post.  I've been blogging for two months and I am really just getting started.  I'd love to hear from other bloggers on how you grow your followers and any other feedback.  I'm here to learn.

Thank you

Let's be friends

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  • Nancy Thompson

    Thanks for the welcome.  I am excited to be connected to a great group of local writers.  So many interesting and talented writers.  It's so inspiring.

  • Ms. Reality Space

    Hi Nancy!  Thanks for joining Bridgetown Buzz!  I look forward to sharing with you.

    I enjoyed your blog about tea... as I get older, I'm finding it a soothing alternative to my beloved coffee.  A sense of peace rather than a case of the jitters.  It inspires me to light a candle and look inside... to practice life in the moment.