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  • 100 Prompts in 100 Days equals a Contest!
100 Prompts in 100 Days equals a Contest!
Written by
Liz Shaw
September 2011
Written by
Liz Shaw
September 2011



My Catahoula Leopard Dogs


Gumbo and Chinle - my Catahooligans


I had a tiny little idea way back on June 18th. It only took me 3 days to register a domain, set up a hosting account, install WordPress, and write my first writing prompt. This has been more fun than a couple of Catahooligans (aka Catahoula Leopard Dogs). From the first post on June 21 to today's post on September 20, I have hit 100 prompts in 100 days.


I'm pretty darn excited about that, so I decided to spread the joy around to all my writing and artist friends. I love reading, so what could be better than to create a contest that helps everyone get more readers for their writing? And I love artists, so what could be better than to create a bigger audience for their galleries and shops? I hate to even call this a contest. It's really a promotion!


She's Gone Crazy!

Chinle stands on his head
Chinle does the Crazy Crash

Here's what we're going to do to celebrate. We're going to create an ebook that will cross-promote all of your writing - from books to blogs - and all of your art - from galleries to shops - while celebrating the prompts here at The Writing Reader. Everyone wins!


But just like the Arizona lottery, you can't win if you don't play. So here is your personal invitation to be a winner in the 100 Prompts in 100 Days Promotion.

There are three ways to get involved in the 100 Prompts in 100 Days Promotion - as a sponsor, as an contestant, or as a sponsor and an Contestant. Yes, you can do both! Yippee!

How to Participate as a Contestant Only

  1. Pick a prompt from The Writing Reader blog that is numbered from 1 to 100.
  2. Write something or create some art. It can be a poetry, photography, flash fiction, haiku, altered art, short story, non-fiction, memoir, mixed media, journal entry, digital art, memoir, etc. It doesn't have to follow the exact prompt. It just needs to be inspired by the blog post somehow.
  3. Go to The Writing Reader on SubMishMash before October 31, 2011, and choose the most appropriate category for your entry.
  4. Create a cover letter that provides links to your blog/shop/book/gallery or any other link you want to promote along with an author/artist bio. Include information about which blog post inspired your entry and why.
  5. Attach your entry and submit.
  6. You may submit an entry to all categories if you'd like, but please, only one entry per category.
  7. All entries will be included in the ebook. Entries which do not win will be included as Honorable Mentions with the author blurb and links included. See, I told you, everyone is a winner!
  8. Please link back to this page and let your readers know about the contest. They can be winners, too!
Gumbo in a scarf
Gumbo loves Contest Sponsors

How to Participate as a Sponsor

If you would like to sponsor this contest, please submit a cover letter or upload a document specifying the following information:

  1. Which category would you prefer to sponsor? Rank your top 3 choices, choosing from the following: Flash Fiction, Short Story, Poetry, Art, Non-Fiction. If you would like to sponsor multiple categories, that would be fabulous! Just indicate how many and which categories you would like to sponsor.
  2. Please indicate if you plan to submit an entry for the contest. You cannot sponsor the same category as you enter.
  3. What prize will you provide? Include a description of the prize and blurb about you that I can use in promoting the contest. Include all the links to your blog/Etsy shop/books/newsletter sign up page/etc that you want included in the promotional posts and the ebook.
  4. How will you deliver the prize?
  5. Will you promote the contest on your blog/Facebook page/Twitter feed/SheWrites/BlogHer etc? Please include links to where you will promote the contest.
  6. This ebook will have links to your sites and books, so this will be a great freebie giveaway for you. Tell me how will you promote it.
The sooner you submit your prize, the more I can promote you and your links and the more excitement we can build for the promotion. 

How to Participate as a Sponsor and Contestant

There's only one rule here. You cannot sponsor the same category in which you compete. Other than that, have fun!

OK, Let's Do This!

Entries are open from Tuesday September 20 until October 31, 2011. Start creating! Sign up for The Writing Reader by email or RSS to get the latest news on sponsors for the contest. Let's have some fun and get new audiences for our blogs and art.

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