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My Inner~Child <3
Written by
August 2011
Written by
August 2011
My Dearest child,
    you're So Happy & care-free
Flowing with the wind
Seeing the Beauty & magnificence  
     of Nature; Every Flower, Tree, grass & leaf
Walking in the Garden, in the park & sensing, smelling, hearing & Be-ing One in the moment with it ALL, Nature & Sky
I Love you for those moments you Pause & look up
     to the Infinite sky to Be-come One
            with the Birds & their Song
I Love your laughter
I Love it how you make People laugh
You're A Butterfly
      Precious, Delicate, Care-free having fun
Riding on the wind, Pausing to smell A flower
          Say Hello to A Stranger
I thank you Now for not loosing your essence
I see the Beauty in you
      As you see it in Everyone Else
I thank you Now for who you have become
I thank you for see-ing the Truth with Love & Light
       caring, sharing, Creating, Co-creating & Becoming ONE


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